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Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits to practitioners of any age. For Kids, yoga is taught using a games-based approach that creates a fun, creative and energising environment for your child to engage in an activity that strengthens their body, mind and spirit.

In The Happy Yogi’s kids yoga classes, we create a fun and engaging class for your child through the integration of themes and stories with yoga poses, yoga tools, breathing exercises and other mindfulness-building activities. The classes are designed to help your child reap all the benefits of practicing yoga related to mental & physical focus, strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health.


If you are looking for a yoga session so your child can learn yoga, do some exercise, and most importantly have fun, join our yoga for kids every Saturday morning in Charlesland Centre, Greystones.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the recognised physical and mental benefits of yoga practice for kids:



  • Promotes developments of the vestibular system

  • Increases circulation, uptake of oxygen, and functioning of hormones

  • Encourages motor development on both sides of the body

  • Increases balance, coordination, and overall body awareness

  • Develops core strength, essential for posture and alignment

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Relaxes the body, promoting better sleep



  • Calms and clears the mind

  • Relieves tension and stress

  • Increases concentration, focus, and attention span

  • Promotes thinking and boosts memory

  • Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness

  • Expands imagination and creativity

  • Improved ability to be less reactive, more mindful of thoughts, speech and action

  • Reduces stress and anxiety


Research has indicated that yoga can also help to improve a child’s school life as it:

  • Brings students into the present moment, ready for learning

  • Encourages community and connectedness in the classroom

  • Helps to create a feeling of confidence instead of competitiveness

  • Enhances focus, concentration, comprehension, and memory

  • Supports social and emotional learning

  • Enhances organizational and communication skills

  • Improves posture, assisting with breathing, writing, and sitting for long periods

  • Enhances team skills and social interaction


(Yoga for Children, Lisa Flynn)

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